Providing a range of options for event & exhibitions cargo handling

Event & exhibition cargo handling required a different approach and we at ASL Logistic are proud to have the relevant skills and experience with regard to this subject matter. We offer a wide range of experienced services in handling international event and exhibition logistics. Our range of expertise is spread across our key regions and focuses on all aspects of both inbound and outbound event and exhibition freight requirements.

We have gone beyond borders in providing customized and highly versatile methods of freight and cargo handling. Cargo handling in events and exhibitions is just another venture within our portfolio by handing every single aspect of inbound and outbound event and exhibition freight requirements of our clients.

Why choose Event & Exhibition Cargo Handling?

Cost effective

It costs much less to transport goods required for events and exhibitions through a shipping company providing such services.


Shipping organizations often have the relevant expertise and experience with regard to event & exhibition cargo handling with so many projects under their belt in the past and present.

Effective management of legal and regulatory requirements

Shipping companies have good carrier-shipper relationships and also have expertise handling various customs related and regulatory procedures which eases the client from the burden of handling the same on his own.

Safety of goods

Clients are ensures that their goods will reach the intended destination safe and securely under the given circumstances.