Consolidation services to provide you with cost effective solutions

We offer cost effective solutions catering different types of clients by offering consolidation services with regard to shipments and transportation of goods. This is especially prominent when transporting goods which do not fit a single large container. We group such orders together and fit it in to a single container, completely transparent from the individual clients. You can be guaranteed that your shipment will be received at the other end with no hiccups in the procedure. We offer our clients cargo compatibility, competitive rates, frequent and flexible forwarding schedules as per our global shipping network.

Why choose Consolidation services?

Cost effective

Clients who do not have an entire container worth of goods to ship can easily fit their goods in a container which can be grouped with other shipments. This means that clients do not need to pay for an entire container on their own.

Time saving

Due to the frequent and flexible shipping schedules we have in our global network, clients can send their shipments in less time.

Effective management of legal and regulatory requirements

Shipping companies have good carrier-shipper relationships and also have expertise handling various customs related and regulatory procedures which eases the client from the burden of handling the same on his own.